Privacy Policy Purpose

As part of its commitment to maintain the privacy of users enrolled in its distance education courses and programs, Sampoerna University American College (SUAC) has developed the following privacy statement that adhere to the privacy clauses found in SUAC’s SUAC Policy Manual. These statements are applicable to all of its instructional sites (Sampoerna University American College; Sampoerna Academy L-Avenue; Sampoerna Academy Medan; and Sampoerna Boarding School) and serve two main purposes:
1. To inform users about privacy issues and ensure the information is accessible; and
2. To inform existing and potential users about privacy policies and guidelines observed at SUAC.


Privacy Policy Statement

Sampoerna University American College and all of its other instructional sites (Sampoerna Academy L-Avenue; Sampoerna Academy Medan; and Sampoerna Boarding School) are committed to ensure the safeguarding of personal and private information of its current and prospective students. SUAC does this by ensuring its student privacy policy is visible and accessible to students on every Web-based information System (ACADIS, D2L at Broward College and Schoology LMS) students have access to, and where their personal and sensitive information such as grades and financial data is stored. Student private information shared with SUAC and its partner, Broward College adhere to SUAC’s Policy Manual. This privacy policy is enhanced by the privacy policy of every Web-based system SUAC uses as well as the privacy policies of its partners and the Web information systems they use. All personal information gathered from prospective and current students remains safely stored and is not shared with third parties unless we get affirmative authorization to do so by these individuals.


Student Data Protection

Although we understand that no computer system is 100% secure, SUAC and all of its campuses (Sampoerna Academy L-Avenue; Sampoerna Academy Medan; and Sampoerna Boarding School), and in partnership with Broward College, deploy and maintain comprehensive security measures to protect against the misuse, loss, sharing, misrepresentation and alteration of the information it controls. Some of this security measures include:

  • Personal Information Documents: SUAC receives, stores and maintain a number of private student documents that are strictly confidential. The SUAC Policy Manual serves as a point a reference and has been been put in effect to ensure the storing, safeguarding and maintaining of students’ confidential and sensitive information.
  • Student National ID Numbers: In order to protect the confidentiality of a student’s National ID number identifiers (KTPs), SUAC Policy Manual has been implemented to avoid using these personal numbers as a primary identifiers. SUAC’s privacy policy also establishes rules for collecting, storing, and transferring KTP data. Instead, student ID numbers are generated and used to handle and access all student private records.