Elementary school


We believe that each child is unique and our teachers work with parents to develop a tailored pathway that promotes independence, creativity and imagination.

Students become more actively engaged in their learning and develop essential interpersonal skills as they work together in teams to solve problems and share knowledge.
Our teachers facilitate learning by creating an inclusive environment which is conducive to creative thinking and focuses on shared discovery.

Each student will produce a portfolio that they create to document their academic and social development. In Upper Primary grades, these portfolios become digital resources and are stored on their own Google Drive account to serve as an artifact of their learning.
This portfolio allows for a student’s learning to be assessed and provides parents with a tangible means of following their child’s academic and socio-emotional development.

Students in Upper Primary Grades learn key programming concepts and are challenged to use their logic and critical thinking skills in building their own applications.

Students develop critical thinking and evaluation skills as they explore the fundamental concepts inherent in the STEAM fields through hands-on activities and are given opportunities to communicate their hypotheses, methodology and findings to their peers.
The STEAM projects aim to develop students’ intellectual agility and equip them with the ability to evaluate information critically.

The Grade 6 Education Fair serves as a platform where students can demonstrate and explain what they have learned to their peers, teachers and families. Students take on the role of “teachers” in this context and develop written and oral communication skills in the process.


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